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[FLASH] Taimashi Izumi 2

One year has passed since she defeated the ogres, and Izumi has gone from being a college student to being an office lady. She has spent the last year in peace, but those peaceful days are not to continue

[FLASH] Taimashi Izumi

Command-selection adventure game. To save mother abducted by ogres, Izumi comes to the enemy’s safe house alone. Can she beat strong ogres and save her mother

[3D FLASH] Tifa Motion Picture Collection Flash

FINAL FUCK 7 brings out a splendid interactive motion picture featuring Tifa *ockheart of FFVII. Tifa is excited of seeing you who’d been desperate to see her, but she finds something strange about you… Tifa goes wild as she she recognizes you are thinking of sex thing..

[3D FLASH] Ami Dead End

Ami is trapped and confined to a labyrinthine parallel world. Naughty tentacles and tools for torture assault Ami. The girl’s sensible parts are teased and Ami is forced to feel the ecstasy.

[3D FLASH] Delusion and Humiliation in the Train

A school girl is attacked in a night train…! This game is consisted of 5 episodes of humiliation and pleasure with 3D images. A girl named Akina is followed by a mysterious man for several days… This adventure game has roll-back function which allows the player to start the game where he left off.

[3D Flash] Little Sister Snack – Continued

The little brother from “Eating up your little brother – Continued.” He now takes a bath with his younger sister. He learned how to ejaculate with his big sister and now that he sees her naked, his thing becomes harder. The girl gradually opens her eyes to the sexual pleasure and her big brother asks her to become a “woman.” This is a 3D animation about that brother and sister

[3D FLASH] The Nurse Always Rings Twice at Night

On planet Promise, which means the promised land, Brown works on the mineral exploitation. However, Promise is the sole resources for the planet Emeralda and under a strict control. Brown is sent here because of the crime he has committed.

[FLASH] Dr. Mad’s Secret Lab

Simple simulation game featuring a doctor and his assistant on the theme of experiment on the bondage and sexual pleasure. The player becomes Dr. Mad and assault a beautiful woman (his assistant) restraint on the table

[3D GAME] Hanayobi

Shizukigumi brings out 2nd CG-animation artwork. The movie segment is further enhanced from the last work, by my past experience in participation in some “shogyo” works. – 10 scenes, 60 cuts, the number of frame amounts to over 10000! Every scene consists of multilayered animation and voices.

[FLASH] Myyuna

Erotic time with Yuna from FFX! ScatterK2 presents a high-quality animation with voice! Animation at 30fps Smooth movement! And bounces! Beautiful 3D CG animation! Female character is fully voice acted Scenes can be switched instantly. Finishing scene for each position. File size: 379.6 MB

[FLASH] Miss Elf’s 3D

This is a 3D animation about the tentacle assault to an elf girl. Tentacle assaults Melies, an elf girl who became captive deep in the sacred forest