Beautiful school idols fucked hard

Release Year: 2023
Genres: Anime, Hentai, Big Tits, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, ahegao, Threesome, Double Penetration, Cosplay, Creampie, Masturbation
Video language: English

Yuka Yoshii, the school’s beautiful idol with excellent grades and good athletic achievements, is secretly a dirty girl with perverted desires and fantasies. Takashi, who follows her everywhere, is also a man with great sexual energy! One day, Yuka catches him masturbating with her panties wrapped around his penis. Takashi begins to apologize with all his might, but the girl’s libido has already gotten the better of her and she dropped to her knees and began to suck his penis, which she had fantasized and dreamed about for so long! Promising not to tell anyone about what happened, Yuka finally gets the opportunity to fulfill all her fantasies about intense sex between a perverted virgin and a guy she doesn’t know. Kizuno, the student council president, is notorious for enforcing school rules quite strictly and is especially keen on banning the Anime Club. The club members are helpless in the face of a president who won’t accept any complaints, but it seems one of them has discovered her secret hobby: cosplay. This opens up opportunities both for maintaining the activities of the club and for getting the body of a beautiful girl at your disposal. Well, otaku sex education begins!

Total size: 1.5 GB in 2 files.