Satsuki Bizarre Pregnancy with an Immaculate Girlfriend

Release Year: 2022

One day, a man who sees an innocent-looking JK "Satsuki" and falls in love with her.As a result of his intense appeal to "Satsuki" without hesitation, he succeeds in dating her and becomes her first.It is true that they were in love with each other in the beginning, but as time passes, the man begins to get tired of Satsuki.Two people’s sex life where vaginal cum shot becomes normal without contraception.One day, when the two of them are relaxing in bed after having sex, they suddenly receive an unexpected confession from Satsuki.
The content is that the tacit approval of vaginal cum shot was based on the premise of pregnancy, marriage, and .
A man who hates Satsuki without knowing that Satsuki expected such a thing. He decides to keep his distance from her, and the two meet every weekend, but that stops.

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