Too Hot To Handle F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad Episode 3

Release Year: 2023
Studio: F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad
Cast: –
Genres: Redhead, Big Tits, Fingering, Facial, Blowjob, Big Dick, Original Series, Animation, Colored Hair, Futanari, sci-fi, outdoor
Video language: English

When becomes overwhelmed and excuses himself, she pounces on him next start to go at it too – until ultimately catches them and they all decide to just fuck openly as a trio.
Today Mika faces off against a fiery she-hemoth in a narrow canyon but is struggling to defeat it. Although she’s giving it her all, Leblanc soon gives her the order to retreat, which Mika has to ultimately obey. But before Mika flees, she crashes some boulders down around the she-hemoth to give them more time…
Back at the secret headquarters, desperate to get Mika some help, Leblanc suggests finding her former protege, another F.U.T.A. pilot named Yui Shizuku. Mika is stunned to learn that there’s another pilot out there, learning through Leblanc that Yui went AWOL, taking the prototype F.U.T.A. with her. But when Mika questions what would make Yui do such a thing, Leblanc remains as cryptic as always. However, there’s no time to dig into it as Mika soon hurries to where Yui was rumored to be: a scrapyard.
When Mika arrives, she finds Yui living among the rubble and tries to enlist her aid, though Yui refuses. Yui insists that not everything is as it seems and that Leblanc can’t be trusted. In fact, Yui doesn’t trust , especially not Mika, and she has no desire to help.
Mika is in disbelief at Yui’s coldness, but then gets an idea. She challenges Yui to a fuck-fight with the condition that if she wins, Yui has to join the cause. But as Yui accepts and charges her with fire in her eyes, will Mika come out on top?

Format: mp4
Duration: 9:07
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 2049kbps
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