DesireSfm – Corruption of the Lodge: The Golden Grain

Triss makes her way to a tavern where she finds Masha closing up. She takes off her cloak revealing her curvaceous naked body & huge futa cock. She pushes Masha back against the table, licks her neck, teases her with her cock before penetrating her pussy. She proceeds to fuck her hard with her huge futa cock until she quickly cums inside her. She fucks her again before telling her to turn around, she then fucks her standing doggystyle against the table. Anya wakes up to the sound of them fucking, she opens the door to her Mother being taken to pound town. She can’t help herself and lifts up her nightgown & touches her already dripping wet pussy, she then masturbates while watching them fuck. She orgasms too loudly alerting Triss to her presence, Masha tries to get Triss to pay attention to her and not Anya…her daughter. She gives Triss a handjob, licks her cock, & sucks her cock but Triss is transfixed on Anya now and only wants her.

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