Witch Hunter Version 0.18.0

Release Year: 2023

This Game will be a visual novel built on the RenPy engine with a variety of gameplay elements, mini-games and multiple endings. The main character is Lord Cedrick acts disguised as Rick Hoffman (local librarian). By order of Phobos He’s trying to find a successor to the throne, and to weaken the cohesion of the witchs. The game will contain a plurality of NSWF images with the ability to fuck each of the witches, as well as many minor characters of the animated series.

Changelog Version 0.18:
— Added continuation of the main storyline;
— Added about 19 NSFW scenes;
— Animated 3 new and 2 old NSFW scenes;
— Added 10 story scenes;
— Added 2 new characters;
— Added 6 backgrounds;
— Completely redrawn Teresa Cook sprite;
— Added new outfits for Teresa Cook, Medina, Alchemist, Brian, Cedric;
— If there are quests in Heatherfield, while on the meridian map, an exclamation mark will appear on the Bookstore button;
— Fixed a possible memory leak related to animations;
— Other minor fixes.

Release Date: 16 March 2023
Genre: All sex, Anal, Beautiful Ass, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Erotic Adventure, Sexual Training, Sexy Girls, Threesome, Trainer
Version: 0.18.0 + Gallery Unlocker + Save
Censored: No
Language: English, Russian
OS: Windows

File size: 2.0 GB