Tomb Raider – Beyond Broken Borders – Bonus (with subtitle)

This is the 119 minute version of Darklust’s Beyond Broken Borders Tomb Raider Hentai Parody, featuring Lara Croft. It features bonus footage not previously included in past releases. In this movie, Lara Croft explored a cave and get’s captured and gang by a large number of giant monsters with huge dicks. I’m talking comically large, anatomically impossible large. The bonus cut becomes apparent towards the end of the movie. In the original, after she gets thrown to the ground off the hammer, it cuts to a quick cut montage of being by all the monsters. In this version, there is footage after she gets thrown to the ground off the hammer where you get to see her get further, fisted in the ass and otherwise brutalized. The monsters then proceed to force the handle of the hammer down her pussy and eventually impale her on the handle so it goes from her ass all the way through to her mouth(Insane). Movie then ends the same way as the previous versions. her getting a sword through the head then realizing it was all just a vision of a possible future and her walking out of the cave unharmed.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:19:02
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 4023kbps
Audio: 184kbps

File size: 2.4 GB