Sexbot Version 0.9.6 Xmas

Release Year: 2022

Can’t find a date for the prom? Then order AmaZone’s Alexa today! Our newest version of Alexa is a super sexy humanoid robot ready to follow your every command! AmaZone is not responsible for Alexa AI sentience or robo-hostility, follow user manual and set up to insure obedience in your sexy robot companion… or don’t and see what happens… Play through this science fiction game as a dateless nerd looking for love in all the wrong places. Program your new Sexbot to follow your commands or think on her own. Just be careful Emily doesn’t find out what you’re up to! With Alexa’s high-tech 3D bio printer, anything is possible! From new outfits to toys to well anything!

Release Date: 27 December 2022
Genre: Big Ass, Big Tits, Blowjob, Erotic Adventure, Lesbian, Sexy Girls, Visual novel, Voyeur
Version: 0.9.6 Xmas
Censored: No
Language: English
OS: Windows

File size: 1.1 GB