Kanzume Shoujo no Shuumatsu Sekai – Another Yaotome Hanae Hen

Release Year: 2022

Genre: ADV, Bent Over, Big Tits, Blonde Hair, Male Hero
Platform: PC / Windows
Medicine: Not required
Language games in Japanese, English
Language: Japanese, English
System Requirements: OS: WinXP/Vista/7/8/10/11, CPU: 2.01GHz, RAM: 2GB; HDD: 2GB

The night sky was dyed red, and the world was about to end.
Due to the large-scale solar flare, aurora occurred even at low latitudes.
Artificial satellites are destroyed, GPS cannot be used, high-voltage transformers are broken, and electricity cannot be used.
Electricity is lost in modern society. It’s the beginning of the end of the world.
That day, I chose to be on the side of Yaotome-san.
I decided to continue to see this world with Mr. Yaotome.
Several years after continuing to keep your determination.
Me and Yaotome-san were riding a moped.
I was heading to Nishikawa Gakuen in Nishikawa City, which was abandoned in the turmoil, where no one lives anymore.
There was something I wanted to see at the school where we spent our youth.

File size: 1.0 GB