Amy’s Big Wish – Vol. 3 – Scene 5 – Double Snuggle – Full HD 1080p

Gabriella dances down the stairs before meeting her wife, Shyla, who is sitting on the couch. Shyla remarks how glowing she looks. She can tell something is off with Gabriella and asks her if something is wrong. Gabriella sits down beside her and tells her that she is pregnant, Shyla is surprised since the doctors have told them Gabriella can never get pregnant. Shyla is ecstatic and can’t believe it. They then kiss as they gaze into each others eyes before telling each other they love each other. Gabriella asks if she can suck on "them"….yeah she has a double dick. They move to the bedroom, both naked now Gabriella kneels in front of Shyla sucking on her cock. Only one of Shyla’s cocks is erect as Gabriella gives her a blowjob. Shyla holds Gabriella head in place as she begins face fucking her as her second cock slowly becomes hard. They then stand opposite each other as their cocks rub up against each other, Gabriella then asks Shyla if she could put one of them in her ass, Shyla is confused as she thought Gabriella didn’t like that but Gabriella persists asking her to please do it. Gabriella then leans her body in closer to Shyla & rubs her cock up and down one of Shyla’s cocks as Shyla remarks how hard Gabriella is. They both moan with pleasure as they keep rubbing their cocks together.

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