Vol. 7 – Lewd Bomb Bust Female Teacher

Release Year: 2006

In the evening, the mesmerizing sounds of the piano echoed throughout the school. Following the sounds, the student walked down the corridor to the music room… The sexy teacher’s private lesson is just beginning. The video begins with an empty school, ending with a music room where Miyuki plays the piano while a student waits in the classroom. She closes all the blinds and then walks over to him, saying she wants to give him private lessons. However, the student rushes forward and kisses her, ripping off her clothes and starting to her. He does this for a couple of minutes before bending her over the table and having sex with her in several positions. As he climaxes, Miyuki laughs and pushes him into a chair, taking control of the situation, stating that he needs to be "punished" now, hinting that he needs special punishment. She pleases him and herself in various ways, one of which involves shoving her conductor’s baton into his urethra. When she is satisfied after several orgasms, the boy she was with calls two of his friends, who begin to her using her mouth and vagina. When her legs give out, one of them pins her to the ground while the other continues to her. The three of them take it in turns to cum inside her before leaving, leaving Miyuki twitching and writhing on the ground in a pool of cum and sweat.

Format: mp4
Duration: 15:21
Video: 1920×1440, AVC (H.264), 31868kbps
Audio: 92kbps

File size: 3.5 GB