Vol. 5 – The Crazy Female Teacher

Three students were ordered to stay in the classroom after school. The class teacher found out that they messed up and decided to teach them a lesson. However, it is difficult to call such actions a punishment, because a young and sexy teacher asks the guys to undress and begins to please them. The girl gives one of them a blowjob, after which she strips down to her underwear and teaches the boys the basics of sex. The guys are stunned by this behavior of their class teacher, but do not dare to object to her. The crazy teacher decided not only to scold the guys for bad behavior, but also to punish them. Apparently the reason for such a punishment is the nature of the bad deed, namely the of their classmate by the guys. Instead of suspending and expelling the boys from school, the woman decided to take matters into her own hands. Thus, the work on the behavior of the guys ended in a stormy group sex.

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