AgentRedGirl – Amy’s Big Wish Episode 3 – Part 4: Buck Love

Audrey working as a food delivery driver drops off the food for the customer Melanie. They instantly are attracted to each other & Melanie invites her in, they hit it off & Audrey goes in for the kiss but Melanie backs away. Melanie tells Audrey she is a regular girl & not a futa but Audrey doesn’t care as she is a Buck meaning she is only attracted to only girls, they then kiss. Melanie takes off Audrey’s shorts revealing her huge cock & starts licking the tip of her dick before taking it in her mouth. She keeps going until she deepthroats the whole thing as she sucks on it. They move to the bed where Audrey starts face fucking her, when she cums in her mouth she grabs Melanie’s throat, she then takes it out & covers her face in cum. They stand facing each other, Melanie puts Audrey’s cock between her thighs then starts grinding on it until Audrey cums. Melanie being the dominant one rides Audrey in a amazon sex position with her pussy making herself go crazy with pleasure. She leans back as she continues to fuck Audrey. She then stands at the edge of the bed & takes on a standing amazon position as she continues to fuck Audrey. Audrey finally cums inside Melanie inflating her stomach with cum, she then slides her cock out & cum shoots all over herself.

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