Ore o Mikudasu Celeb Tsuma no Do M Ganbou Novel Tsuma Kan 2

Release Year: 2022

Genre: ADV, Animation, Big Tits, Blowjob, Brown Hair, Male Hero, Peeing, Pet, Public Sex, Straight, Titsjob, Toys
Platform: PC / Windows
Medicine: Not required
Language games in Japanese, English
Language: Japanese, English
System Requirements: OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, CPU: 2.01GHz, RAM: 2GB; HDD: 4GB

One day, Kazuma Kinosaki notices a beautiful woman shoplifting at a convenience store. When he later attends a class reunion for the first time since graduating ten years ago, he meets his former classmate, Yuika Takamine—and realizes that the shoplifter looks a lot like her… Yuika is as beautiful and strong-willed as ever, and has even married a popular actor. While flaunting her glamorous celebrity lifestyle, she still bears the same haughty attitude toward Kazuma as she did all those years ago. Kazuma has never gotten over one particular incident where Yuika humiliated him by reading out his love letter to her in front of the whole class, and realizing this could be his chance to redeem the situation, he decides to take action…

File size: 3.0 GB