Spirit Squeezing Devil’s

Release Year: 2022

Genre: jRPG, Male Protagonist, Submissive Man, Voiced, Virgin, Humiliation, Foot Job, NTR, Sexual Training, Blowjob, Dirty Talk, Small Tits
Platform: PC / Windows
Medicine: Not required
Version: 1.10
Language games in Russian
Language: Russian
System Requirements: OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, CPU: 2.01GHz, RAM: 4GB; HDD: 1GB

You are a hero who made a contract with a cute succubus named Ria. You give her your sperm and she gives you her power. However, even as a "brisk" hero, you can’t resist her milking skills. One day, a hero named Bob appears, ready to make a contract with your precious Riya. This awkward triangle can only be solved with a game! A game that will show who can survive 5 days in a tough confrontation. The winner gets the right to sign a contract with Ria! The loser… well, a cruel fate awaits him…

File size: 2.2 GB