Lunatic Night

Release Year: 1996
Studio: Green Bunny
Cast: Kanzaki’s
Genres: Comedy, SciFi, Fantasy, Harem, Animal Girls
Video language: Japanese

No, no, and you will say that after all, the Japanese know how to parody themselves loved ones, so that not only their own, but also the guys “over the hill” would understand. And the animators of the land of the rising sun love to make fun of their favorite cartoons like no other people of their profession.
A parody of this or that work, but what is there, whole genres of anime, you can find, almost in every second film or TV series. Less often you can see parodies of hentai, well, something like "Eiken" or "Green Green", but hentai films, parodying all hentai as a genre, and then everything else, this is really an exception, which rarely come across, but all- do come across. One of such exceptions is "Lunatic Night".
OVA itself consists of three parts, telling about the hard work of restoring your race, while simultaneously saving some "pikachu" and the whole world, by the method of total destruction. All this is done by Kanzaki’s boyfriend, ex-Atlant, ex-destroyer of Atlantis, and his three sexually preoccupied but loyal goddess friends. Opposed to him is also not an ordinary person. No less anxious, fetishist, and just a former friend – Mitsuki, of course with his henchman.

Total size: 2.5 GB in 1 files.