Game of Lascivity Omega – Vol. 2 – Power of God Upscale – Full HD 1080p

Tendo and Ohara return to the roof to confront Chokugen once more. Though he is ready for them, he is quickly surprised by Tendo’s significantly enhanced fighting skills. The two of them trade blows throughout, each holding the upper hand at different points of the fight, but Tendo eventually demonstrates her mastery of the “shadows” that Tanaka had used before, countering all of Chokugen’s techniques and using her own to defeat him. Her final attack throws Chokugen back against the wall of the dome and knocks his hairpiece off. Enraged and confused, Chokugen stays back to try and figure out what to do next. While Chokugen is distracted at the beginning of the fight, Ohara sneaks past him, running up to the dome where Mimi has Kayo captive. Once there, Mimi detects him and traps him in a sigil on the floor, where he sees Sasa, broken and defeated. They talk, and Ohara convinces Sasa to bite him. Mimi responds by chucking Sasa off the building, releasing the seal on Ohara, and allowing him to enter the dome. In the dome, Ohara immediately begins Kayo, eventually taking her virginity, which transports them into two mental scenarios, where they have sex. Ohara’s claiming of Kayo’s virginity results in the release of Tagishi, who is beamed down from the moon, emerging as a gigantic statue from the ground.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:32:30
Video: 1920×1080, HEVC, 5012kbps
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