Taiyou no Promia Flowering Days

Release Year: 2021

Genre: ADV, Anal, Beach, Big Tits, Bikini, Blowjob, Fantasy, Fighting, Glasses, Handjob, Male Hero, Maid, Pantyhose, Ponytail, Princess, Small Tits, Stockings, Straight, Stuck in wall, Titsjob, Twin Tail
Platform: PC / Windows
Medicine: Not required
Language games in Japanese
Language: Japanese
System Requirements: OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, CPU: 2.01GHz, RAM: 2GB; HDD: 3GB

This is the fandisk for Taiyou no Promia, taking place a few months after the closure of the original. Kodama gets to spend his summer with the ‘six flowers’ (and Promia) at Reno-Leno’s suggestion.

File size: 2.7 GB