Amy’s Big Wish – Vol. 3 – Scene 1 – Girls Number – Full HD 1080p

Gabriella returns from the bathroom to find Emma standing naked thrusting into the air on one leg. She tells Emma to put her clothes back on but Emma ignores her as she continues. Unknown to Gabriella Emma can see the fairy, Elara, who is standing next to her giving Emma a handjob. Emma calls her Dollie. Elara tells her she thinks her & Gabriella should breed. Emma tells Gabriella they should make a baby thinking Gabriella heard Elara. Gabriella goes silent after Elara suddenly makes herself appear visible to Gabriella. She leans in close stroking Gabriella’s hair & magically removes all of Gabriella’s clothes & puts Gabriella in some sort of trance as she begs for it while looking at Elara’s huge cock. Emma offers Gabriella Dollie to fuck first, acting surprised she asks if they want her to fuck the doll to which Elara tells her to yes fuck the doll for Mommy. Gabriella stands in front of Dollie who is lying on the table & holds her huge cock next to Dollie’s hole where her pussy would be…if it were real. Gabriella penetrates Dollie and starts thrusting away as she puts a hand around her neck lightly choking herself. She leans over Dollie resting her torso on top of her as she continues to hammer away at Dollie. Emma stands behind Gabriella and fucks her pussy from behind standing doggystyle. Elara watches while rubbing her belly, precum starts leaking out the tip of her cock. She telepathically communicates with Emma asking Emma if Gabriella is most to which Emma replies she sure is. Emma looks down at Gabriella’s big fat ass as she fucks her, Gabriella tells Emma to keep fucking her pussy & fill her up with cum. Emma tells Elara she’s about to cum, Gabriella tells Emmma she is about to cum too. They both simultaneously cum, Emma starts filling Gabriella’s pussy with her cum before sliding her cock out & shooting the rest of her load all over Gabriella’s ass Cum drips down Gabriella’s ass across her gaping asshole and pussy as her body quivers from the orgasm.

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