Family Slaves woman and girl Are Stepson’s Mazo Dorei

Release Year: 2016

"Y, yes… If you make me feel good I’ll be.. a slut who will do anything… Please make me your slut, make me a piggy with a wet p*ssy and f*ck me…" A quiet evening. Saeko, surviving widow of a man who left her with two , indulges in masturbation. For years she has suppressed a sexual frustration. "Kou-chan…" The vibrator glides between the slicked lips of her thighs as a hand caresses her breasts, and she calls her stepson’s name. He’s a handsome grown member of society now, and when he looks at her she feels like a woman. "Ahh, haaaa… hahhn…. Kou-chan… I want you, more, moree…" Lost in her masturbatory dream, Saeko moans to her imaginary lover… and then he’s above her…
When she wakes up, Saeko is inexplicably bound in string…

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