The House of Morecock

Studio: Greenwood Cooper Home Video

In October 2001 the studio Greenwood Cooper Home Video has released the world’s first full-length gay cartoon for adults (with the exception of the Japanese anime). The film "The House of Morecock" ("House of the large member"), also known as the "animated adventure Jonas Big Member" – a series of nine episodes, with strange creatures, boys – geishas, ​​online sex adventures in the woods and with the sailors. The action begins with the fact that Jonas ends up on two guys potsuchavshihsya at his door, after which he started his sex adventures. Then Jonas goes in search of the Loch Ness monster, where he meets a red-haired krasavtsika and the Beast. Jonas has sposobnostb not only to find adventure on your ass, and beautiful boys on the road. Jonas is engaged in group sex with the men, meets with the "Big Foot" and even fucks with historical figures. There is also a fan of the episode for "The X-Files", also ending orgy.
The work of cartoonist – canceled, comic dialogues, and the incomparable voice of the narrator (like the voice of Harvey Fierstayna).
The content of the series:
Episode 1: Jonas tells us about himself, while waiting for him to bring a new hard drive for your computer. The guys who brought the disk are so cool! The air hangs sexual tension ….
Episode 2: Welcoming us to his charming ultsbkoy, Jonas talks about his journey in search of the Loch Ness monster … But he finds not only him but the young Scot …..
Episode 3: It is said that sailors seldom have sex with anyone … But Jonas carries with them the whole evening. And then out of nowhere appears digger, gold seeker … that with the first punch clock disappears in 3 nights …
Episode 4: The Jonas decides to go to rest. But it’s so popular among the guys that only he can not stay. And who else but it can save the water, when Jonas was almost drowned?
Episode 5: Free trip to Mexico leaves Jonas greater mysteries than memories. While he was waiting for the plane, he decides to play around with one of the locals. What happens in this episode and then – just fanatstika!
Episode 6: The House, in front of a fireplace, Jonas says of his journey in search of the legendary big foot. Jonas almost lost, but a handsome wood-cutter – a northerner gives him a helping hand. Together, they discover that all that talk about big foot – the truth.
Episode 7: At the party, Jonas being captured by aliens. But before he got some kind of "test millennium", he rescued two sexy FBI agent, and of course, among them women, both in the X-files. Well, "test" the agents themselves do Jonas
Episode 8: The Jonas goes on a vacation to Japan. After walking around the beautiful island, it stops in the bath, where it is joined by sexy local resident. Jonas actually wanted to take a break from adventure … but something he does not particularly do it
Episode 9: Standing in the shower, Jonas discovers that lies at the crossroads between heaven and hell. The angel and a demon trying to recruit him into their ranks, both beautiful and Jonas …. Well what can I do with pretty boys?

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