Tight Fantasy – Scene 2 – Full HD 1080p

Barret watches TV as Tifa nervously waits for Cloud to finally return home from his mission. Cloud opens the front door and Tifa runs into his arms telling him how much she has missed him. They celebrate Cloud returning home & another successful mission. Cloud & Barret drink so much they both fall asleep leaving Tifa awake alone, frustrated she can’t get hot & busy with Cloud she calls out to him but he is sound asleep. Barret wakes up listening to Tifa tell the sleeping Cloud she has no panties on. He says her sexy ass got him rock hard as she gasps at the sight of his huge cock popping out the top of his shorts. He tells he wants to cum in her pussy this time, she quickly puts her hand over his mouth & tells him last night was a one time thing. He tells her what is she going to do about his rock hard cock, she agrees to jerk him off. He takes off his pants & she starts giving him a handjob stroking his cock up & down fast. He asks her if she wants to suck on it to which she replies its too big, he persists she should try it at least. She opens her mouth wide & takes the head of his giant cock in her mouth. She sucks on it taking more & more of it in her mouth. She then starts licking his cock before giving him a blowjob again this time taking it deeper in her mouth. She asks why he doesn’t cum already, he tells her if she uses her pussy he’ll cum right away. She looks over at Cloud on the couch next to them & worries Cloud would wake up if they had sex. She agrees to have sex as long as he doesn’t cum inside her. She takes off her skirt & stands above him & sits on top of him as his cock slowly penetrates her pussy. He tells how tight her pussy is as she starts to slowly ride his huge cock reverse cowgirl. Her humongous tits bounce around uncontrollably as she fucks him. She goe s back & forth between bouncing up & down his cock & gyrating her hips around his his cock. She tells him Cloud always uses a condom & Barret is the first guy to fuck her raw. He tells him he’s getting closer & closer to heaven, she reminds him to pull out when the time comes. He says she’ll have to go faster for him to cum & grabs either side of her body & starts pushing her body up & down his cock as he starts thrusting away like a jackhammer. She tells him not to go so fast but he ignores her wishes & keeps fucking her as hard as he possibly can telling her to take it all. He finally cums filling her pussy with his hot white sticky stuff. As cum starts pouring out of her pussy she tells him she needs to go shower now but he tells her he isn’t done with her yet as he looks down at his cock that is still rock hard.

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