Futaween – Full HD 1080p

On the eve of Futaweeen we find two witches home alone. Mary is brewing a potion to grow her balls while Red in the bedroom is getting up to no good. Red on all fours on the bed uses a spell on her broomstick, the broomstick flies through the air & aligns itself behind Red. The broomstick then penetrates her asshole and starts thrusting back & forth in her tight ass. Red turns to watch the broomstick fuck her cute ass as she moans & giggles. Her is cock fully erect as she loves every second of her ass getting pounded. The broomstick with a mind of its own suddenly rams itself deeper into the ass, Red gasps with shock & then giggles as the broomstick continues to fuck her. Mary pours a vial of something magical she’s cooked up into the boiling pot but the pot explodes with red light. Frustrated with another failed penis enlargement potion she goes to check on Red. She walks in on Red getting fucked by the broomstick & decides to have a little fun. She wiggles & points her finger as she casts a spell on the broomstick which sends it flying around with the room with it still inside Red’s ass. Red finally lands on the floor at Mary’s feet, Mary bends down and as Red looks up at her Mary boops Red’s nose with her finger tsk’ing. As Mary walks away Red thumps the floor with her fist, angry at Mary embarrassing her. Later Mary is back in the kitchen attempting to cook up another penis enlargement potion, she pours two bowls of something magical into the boiling pot. This time it doesn’t fail, simply delighted she laughs manically. While Mary’s back is turned Red creeps into the room & seizes the moment. She flies in the room and pours her vial into the boiling pot & quickly flies up to the ceiling just as Mary turns round. Taking a bowl Mary takes a scoop of the potion out of the pot & then from it. Within seconds she can feel something in her balls. Her flaccid cock slowly starts to grow erect, getting bigger & bigger. It grows gigantic, bigger than she’s ever seen before but then in a blink of an eye it suddenly shrinks & becomes flaccid again. As Mary stares down at her cock Red who hovers above her in the air starts giggling. Red laughing uncontrollably falls to the floor where she continues laughing. Mary looks over at Red on the floor, Red’s legs are wide open on the floor & her cock is standing to attention hard as a rock. Mary flies over to Red & hovers above her body and lightly brushes her fingers against the head of Red’s cock, the sudden sensation causes Red’s body to jump with pleasure. Mary hovers back & forth above Red which causes her semi-erect cock to brush against Red’s cock, each time she does this her cock grows harder & harder until its fully erect. Mary then sits atop Red’s cock as she leans back against her levitating broomstick behind her. She slides Red’s cock into her pussy, she then starts riding Red cowgirl style. Red doesn’t last very long before she cums, her moans become louder almost screams when she orgasms. Her cum violently explodes into Mary’s pussy so hard that it sends Mary body shooting up into the air. Red continues to ejaculate a fountain of cum which pins Mary against the ceiling drenching her whole body & the ceiling in her hot white sticky stuff. Red finally stops cumming, the moment she stops Mary falls to the ground in front of Red. They look at each other then burst out laughing. Afterwards they get on their broomsticks and fly around in the night sky in front of the full moon chasing each other…

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Duration: 4:32
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Audio: 309kbps

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