Lewd Succubus On Halloween Day – Full HD 1080p

In a world where humans and monsters live side by side (at least that’s the vibe it gives), a succubus is alone in her apartment on halloween, and she is horny as all hell. She starts by masturbating on the bed, she rubs her pussy, she plays with her boobs…and she squirts…but she is not satisfied, she is a succubus after all. So she has an idea, to a selfie and put it online, asking anyone to come and fuck her…and so it happens. The first to appear is a pumpkin man?!? All man but his face, which is a pumpkin. She starts by rubbing him to he starts to precum, then she starting to lick his asshole, he cums all over himself, but it doesn’t stop there, she jumps on him for a reverse cowgirl. He leaves…but she still wants more. She is reading a book, by levitating it, when the next one arrives out of thin air. He looks like a vampire, but he has magical powers, but he is here for one thing and one thing only. They kiss while he fingers her until she comes, but it’s not all…then is cowgirl time. When she is completely over the moon, she sits on his face…he lick her up and when he is satisfied, he just disappears like the came, in a ball of smoke. She is still not happy. She hears a noise outside, in the hallway. She opens the door and finds a werewolf sitting on the floor while a woman leaves. She invites him in and…..we all know what happens. She starts by sucking his dick, then it’s a nice 69. He loses his mind, and forces a blowjob against the wall…she loves every second. Missionay, fingering, staniding…..she is spent, cum drips from her pussy, she finally got what she wanted.

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:38
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 3121kbps
Audio: 124kbps

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