Don Corneo Underground Arena – Tifa and Aerith – Full HD 1080p

Tifa & Aerith take part in the underground fighting tournaments winning their fifth night in a row. They want to stop & take the reward money as they are bored with fighting night after night. But Don Corneo has other ideas in mind & offers half of all the the next nights bets if they deliberately lose, he tempts them by saying the orphanage & Avalanche could always do with a lot more funding & he’ll increase their reward to 70% of all bets. They gladly accept his offer & look forward to seeing him tomorrow. The next night the tournament begins, this time competing against a horde of S rank monsters. The monsters rushed Tifa & Aerith beating them easily. Don Corneo changes the terms of their agreement & locks them in his underground prison where he keeps his monsters. The monsters abuse both of them in the jail cells. Tifa is blindfolded in a jail cell with her hands chained together above her as she gets her pussy assaulted by a large colourful dildo from behind as another monster holds her head & watches. Aerith in the cell next door is tied down as a fuck machine slams her pussy repeatedly while sending electrical currents through the room which shock her body. Scarlet is also in the prison with them, she kneels against the cell bars as as a monster from the other side face fucks her. The next night instead of fighting Don Corneo puts on an exhibition show, the announcers explain to the crowd what is going to happen. Tifa & Aerith wearing only lingerie wait to the side chained together, Aerith scared pisses herself so much it soaks through her panties onto the floor. Tifa is up first, a monster throws her against the floor. A green goblin-like monster picks her up over his shoulder. She tells him to stop but he ignores her, he then sticks two of his large green fingers in her pussy. He thrusts his fingers faster & faster until she eventually orgasms, she squirts uncontrollably all over the place as it gushes out of her pussy. He makes her stand in front of him, he lifts up her left leg up & starts rubbing her pussy. She moans as he pleasures her, she doesn’t last long before squirting again. Not done with her yet he pushes her to the ground & goes to town fingering her pussy as she starts squirting like a fountain all over the floor forming a huge puddle. He picks her in the air as tears roll down her face, he tells her she will become his cock sleeve. before she can get an answer to what a cock sleeve is he penetrates her pussy, she instantly squirts. He holds her head in place as he pushes her body back & forth on his monstrous cock. He uses her like a sex toy, he grips her throat choking her forcing her head straight up towards him as he tells her she is enjoying this. He fucks her rough and deep as she thinks how it feels like her insides are being torn apart. He takes her doggystyle on the floor, he fucks her hard as her stomach bugles from every thrust. Cum pours out of her pussy as he continues to hammer away. Aerith is forced to stand in front of them watching as her friend gets . Tifa tells Aerith not to watch and not to look at her like this but Aerith can’t look away. The monster grabs Tifa by the hair and tells her to climax in front of the crowd & Aerith. He suddenly slides her body up holding it in place as he thrusts so deep inside her stomach violently bulges out to the shape of his humongous cock. He fills her body up with so much cum that she starts puking cum from her her mouth.

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