Aisuru tsuma, Mariko no furin houkoku

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The main character "Yasu Sashihara" and the "Mariko Sashihara" are a married couple in their fifth year of marriage. When he was newly married, his wife s affair was discovered only once, but it didn t matter and he lived a peaceful couple life. However, recently, the two have been worried that the couple s activities have become light nights. One day, Yasushi receives a post facto report of cheating sex from his wife Mariko.
The partner is a new employee 8 years younger and a virgin boy.
Being a sportsman who was a long-distance runner when he was a student.
Being confessed after having sex at a love hotel.
Mariko said she wanted to be her husband s official lover. It was a messy request, but it was different for Yasushi who had a desire to be cuckold. Intense excitement she hadn t felt for a long time. Yasu accepted Mariko s desire and started an affair dating officially recognized by her husband …
Appearing characters
Mariko Sashihara (CV: Yuri Himuro) She used to work as a dispatcher, but she retired and now works as a writer at a mid-sized publisher. She writes an introductory article about adult games on the face, and her male fans are huge. She publicly keeps her secret that she is married. Has a past that had an affair with her boss. Contrary to her intellectual and neat appearance, her sexual desire is very strong. She also wants to have muddy sex, she s like she used to be, she keeps spoiling all night.
Shohei Takagi
An apprentice writer who has just joined a mid-sized publishing company. I spend every day learning the colors of his work from his senior boss Mariko. He had enough stamina to be ridiculed as a physical idiot because he was a long-distance marathoner when he was a student. There were several girlfriends in the past, but she was still a virgin because she was so behind her. He doesn t show up, but he secretly ponders his boss, Mariko.
Sashihara Yasushi
A scenario writer who belongs to a mid-sized adult game maker. He is cuckold and has a history of forgiving his wife s affair. He still loves his wife, but is worried that his night life has become a rut.

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