The Terrible Fairy – Erotic Showdown

Alica now says she could to if she wanted. Alysa asks her to prove it, Amy suggests an Erotic Shodown where two teams have lots of sex while patreons watch them live on the screens in the club & whoever has the most votes at the end of the night wins. The first round is a threesome between Alicia, Elysa, & Amy. Elysa makes out with Alicia before giving her a blowjob, Alicia then slides her cock between Elysa’s tits & fucks Amy doggystyle. In the next round Elysa fucks Leony sideways on a bed, bulging Leony’s stomach with every thrust while Melissa licks Elysa’s balls until Elysa cums inside Leony. In the third round Leony starts off by riding Alicia cowgirl style while Amy watches while masturbating, Alicia creampies inside Leony. Amy & Leony briefly suck on Alicia’s cock. Alicia then fucks Leony from behind doggystyle while Amy lies underneath Leony as she sucks on Leony’s nipple. Leony & Amy then scissor each other while Alica lies underneath them as they grind their pussies up & down Alicia’s cock while scissoring until Alica orgasms shooting cum into the air. In the fourth round Elysa fucks Melissa standing up as she carries Melissa while a Blonde & Brunette watch. Elysa then has Melissa, the Blonde, & the Brunette bend over with their asses up in the air as fucks Melissa doggystyle while fingering the Blonde & Brunette. Eylsa lies back on the bed & gives the Blonde oral as she face sits Elysa while the Brunette rides Elysa’s cock cowgirl as Melissa watches them. Elysa then stands & fucks the Blonde kneeling on the couch doggystyle while the Blonde gives oral to the Brunette who is giving oral to Melissa. Elysa pulls on the Blonde’s hair which pulls her head back as she cums inside the Blonde…

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:30
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 25108kbps
Audio: 190kbps

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