F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad Ep. 1 Rising Threat

Lightning flashes, illuminating a huge futuristic city as Mika Mara rushes home in the pouring rain. She hurries to her dark apartment, tossing aside the newspaper she has used as a makeshift umbrella.
Suddenly, a mysterious voice speaks to Mika from the darkness of her living room. Mika cries out in surprise as she flips the switch and sees a well-dressed, mysterious woman sitting on the couch. Mika wants to know who this stranger is and why she is in her house. This mysterious woman tries to calm Mika down by posing as Chairman LeBlanc. She explains that she runs a government agency that most people don’t even know existed, and came to Mika for help. Mika is skeptical. Why did she need her help? LeBlanc looks Mika right in the eyes, telling her that she needs Mika’s help in saving the whole world.

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