(Puppetmaster) Sensual Adventures Episode 6 – The Revelation

Release Year: 2021
Genres: Sex, Anal, Blowjob, Handjob, Cunnilingus, Rimming, Facial, Cumshot, Kissing, Massage, Doggystyle, Missionary, Futanari On Female, Foursome, Futanari/Dickgirl, Caucasian, Black, Blonde, Dark Hair, Brunette, Big Tits, Big Dick, Animated, 3D, Voiced

This is a animation & the 6th episode in the "Sensual Adventures" series from The Puppetmaster. There are two different versions, one features only anal sex while the other features a mix of pussy sex & a little bit of anal.

Trinity is feeling a bit sore after that marathon fuck session (episode 5) by the pool, so she books in for a massage at one of the resort’s spa rooms. When her masseuse can’t make the appointment Trinity will have to find another way to loosen up. Fortunately, another guest, Marcia, at the resort is happy to help her a girl out. Marcia gives Trinity a massage, she realizes Trinity is a futa & begins massaging then her ass cheeks & her huge futa cock. They tease each other before they start making out, Trinity quick becomes erect. Brittany & Jasmine walk in on them kissing & offers to join in. Trinity starts giving oral to Marcia’s pink pussy while Brittany licks Jasmine’s pussy. With Marcia lying on the table they form a train where Trinity gets on all fours & gives cunnilingus & fists Marcia while Brittany fucks Trinity doggystyle & Jasmine licks Brittany’s ass (or pussy depending on version) as she gives a handjob to Trinity. Trinity takes Marcia standing missionary on the table while Brittany takes Jasmine from behind on the table. They fuck faster & faster until Brittany removes her cock & cums on Jasmine’s ass & backside while Trinity creampies inside Marcia. Jasmine kneels on the floor as he gives Brittany a blowjob while Trinity jerks is upside down on the table jerking herself off as Marcia rims (cunnilingus in pussy version) her. Brittany both cum at the same time, Trinity cum shoots all over her own face while Brittany cums on all over Jasmine’s face & neck.

Total size: 1.8 GB in 2 files.