The First Kiss – Full HD 1080p

Max & Chloe chill on the bed facing opposite each other as Chloe takes a nap. Chloe opens her eyes to find Max intently staring at her, she questions her but Max says nothing. Max then quickly leans in & kisses Chloe, Chloe doesn’t hesitate & lets it happen. Giving into her feelings Chloe holds the side of Max’s neck & kisses her back. Chloe pushes Max onto her back & rests on top of her as they continue to make out. Now both fully naked Chloe still on top takes her hand & makes her way down to Max’s pussy. Max can barely contain her anticipation calling out Chloe’s name. Chloe begins rubbing Max’s pussy with her fingers as Max begins to moan, Max then reaches up to kiss Chloe. Chloe brings her head down to Max’s chest & starts licking Max’s perfect petite breast before sucking on her nipple. Chloe then takes one of her fingers & penetrates Max’s pussy with it as Max reaches down with her own hand to rub her clit. Chloe begins finger blasting Max as Max can’t contain herself any longer and begins cumming. Chloe then kisses Max afterwards before kissing all the way down her body until she reaches her pussy. She starts licking her pussy as Max’s whole body jumps in reply. Max & Chloe get into a sideways 69 position with they logs crossed over the others body as they give each other cunnilingus. They quick move to a regular 69 position, Chloe knowing she’s close can’t concentrate on Max’s pussy any longer & begins moaning uncontrollably. She sits up as Max keeps licking her until she finally succumbs & orgasms. Chloe now sits up on the bed as Max locks her pussy with Chloe’s as they begin tribbing. Chloe thrusts her hips forwards as Max bounces her body back & forth against Chloe, their pussies rubbing together like an eraser & paper. Max then faces her body towards Chloe & they take the more traditional scissoring position as they moan endlessly with pleasure. Max sits in Chloe’s lap holding Chloe’s neck while Chloe holds Max’s cute little ass as they begin to passionately make out with each other. Finally Chloe kisses her chest & then her lips before they stop & enjoy the moment they have together.

Format: mp4
Duration: 5:14
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