Saddle x Training

Release Year: 2021
Studio: survive more
Genres: Anal,Big boobs,masturbation, Cartoons,Uralsk,orgy,
Video language: Japanese

A chiropractor who provides chiropractic and mental care for athletes near the school where the heroines attend solves the girls’ worries with massage and sex.

CV: Honami Shirase (Honami Shirase) An energetic girl with a boyish personality who belongs to the track and field club. The reason she joined club activities is that she has been playing with boys since she was little. She is good friends with anyone, regardless of gender, and she mixes with boys and bangs erotic talk, so She is sometimes referred to as "-like." Her recent worries are that her body is horny and she can’t concentrate. She is horny all the time during class and club activities. She masturbates almost every day, and sometimes she can’t stand it and ends up at school. She performed well in the summer tournament and she promised to enter the same school with Nozomi and sports recommendations. Her love experience is zero. She’s been told by boys that she’s like a friend for a long time She also has a maiden side in her heart that she cares if she is properly seen as a girl.

[Nozomi Aoi] CV: Kanna Natsuki
Swimming manager. She is a serious and cool beautiful girl. She is a decent young lady and she has been working on swimming as one of her lessons since around ●●. Because of her beauty and outstanding style, she is seen by both boys and girls with a longing look. She is especially adored by her juniors in her swimming club because she takes good care of her. She used to be a retreat and often hide behind Natsuki. She still has a personality that makes her nervous She hasn’t changed, and the final tournament of 〇 school is approaching, so in her heart She feels a lot of pressure. Because she did well with Natsuki and her last tournament and promised to enroll in the same school with a sports recommendation. She intends to do anything to get good results in the tournament. She is not very interested in romance and has no experience (dating = the type that thinks of marriage) Although she had no knowledge of the bottom story, she will make lewd flowers bloom by mental training with her hero.

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