To the eyes which I of the madoshi Arles

Release Year: 2021
Video language: English

Arles of probationary madoshi that I am Institute of magic, but am proud of results of the Top to. Because be settled when it becomes daimadoshi leaving the name for Itsuka History, At first thought that I would clear a trial of the graduation quickly. Then were strong-minded than I thought……I mean, The monster which is going to me who am why comes out? Besides, be in trouble to money, and be made to sell underwear, or be really lowest! Oh, seem to be what kind of trials because I am a genius……Were ra, easy victories. I who handled a trial by power of the anger. For a return of the So, helped Girls attacked by a monster. Then a of the So seems to be a princess of the Shari’a country? Only a little than me……May be pretty, Because is a complete victory with the size of the chest;, well, is family♪ Judging from the bright Irai that Koto helping Princess is waiting for me Thought that it was only just the beginning, Indeed to have been a beginning of great adventure that it rolled up the world in, Even I did not imagine it as the Arawa at the time of So, too either……. Do not let you leave even the great adventure that "is Sex" for History even if the Koto dies!

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