A house goes, and may cut you out?

Release Year: 2021
Video language: English

Risa (Risa) who was called out to to the man who gave his director of the certain popularity program, Willingly consent to photography, and invite a man into the home of the single life. The specialized Student that Risa went to Tokyo to become the wedding planner who was a dream. With a boyfriend under an inferior, a long-distance love. A man did not have the fixtures to lead such simple Risa by the nose. Started photography, and were Risa who accepted Interview falteringly, The careless space is attacked, and weakness is clenched by a man. Of *shin (akinobu) which is a boyfriend during a long-distance love there L ■The NE address was included, too. Risa who receives Koto accompanying a man so that weakness is not known to *shin. It was the beginning of nightmare. A small demand including the compulsion of the Masturbation gradually escalates. Do not care it in the telephones with *shin which is daily work either. While suppressing a voice in pleasure, Were *shin and Risa who continues calling, but is gradually swallowed by a crowd of pleasure. The greed of the man does not know the remaining Koto, and gradually bare the sadism-like true character. Bar Risa by as nude with nothing on and selfie compulsion outside a house. Lock the door, and develop into a demand, the act that is tormenting in Sara. Irritation to want to be seen in nobody with Chijoku, such a figure nakedly outside home. Meanwhile, the indecent demand of the man who does not know the stopping Koto. Even if the body allows a man; the Kokoro is thing of *shin and Risa who tried to convince himself/herself Met you, but gradually lose reason, and be sunk in pleasure not to be able to fight against. Knew the severe situation of such Risa, quitting it was few *shin, One day find the indecent picture of the woman similar to Risa in a net

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