Libido Angel

It is a dungeon RPG that advances quests by going back and forth between the city and the dungeon.
There are H event full voice and some part voice.
Eru (playable character)
God’s gifted [Sex Cup] has built a long and peaceful state by absorbing [Dirt]
God’s box garden "Erodrad",
but [Sex Cup] suddenly disappears .
An angel sent to the earth to search for the lost sex cup. Whip whip fluffy body.
During the adventure, he gets a lot of humiliation from goblins, oaks, slimes and humans.
Genre: jRPG, Female , Cross-section View, Ahegao / Gapeface, Internal Cumshot, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Breast Sex, Violation, , Big Breasts
Size: 1.11 GB
Censorship: Yes
Developer / Publisher: Akari Blast!
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication type: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 1.00
Game language (plot): Japanese
Interface language: Japanese
Voice Language: Japanese

File size: 1.1 GB