Lady Thief Misery

Release Year: 2021

Misery is a renowned thief.
Her skill is legendary, as is her fearsome sex drive.
She was formerly a knight in the royal palace, but when she tried to the prince, she was cast into exile…

All she wants is pleasure, and it doesn’t matter who she gets it from.
She’ll go after anybody as long as they can make her feel good.
She’s even feared by other thieves thanks to her lack of desire for actual wealth.

When knights and rivals attack, she’s always able to turn the encounter in her favor and them.
But there are also those who admire her as well, and a guild has built up around her that’s populated with followers.

But none of that matters to Misery herself. Today, as always, she’s in search of pleasure…

Misery, the head of a famous thieves’ guild, is famous for her sex drive.
They say that any man who gets attacked by her will be squeezed so dry that he’ll be unable to have sex for a month.

One day, she heard a rumor from her subordinates.
A rumor about a sacred aphrodisiac and a mystical sex toy that can give anybody unimaginable pleasure.
There’s also a lamp that contains a djinni who will grant any wish.

Though she doesn’t completely believe the stories, the prospect of such incredible bliss is too good to pass up.
And so she sets forth from her hideout to conquer the dungeon and claim its treasures for herself…

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