Rabbit Hole – Scene 3 – Full HD 1080p

On day two of her tour D.Va’s already found a new fan to have some fun with. She kneels on the floor as she sucks his meaty cock. She uses her hand to stroke the shaft as he thrusts gently a little. As he’s about to cum she asks him to do it on her face, he shoots his load all over her face. As soon as he’s finished she checks her FuckBuddies app to see a facial is barely giving her any points. She later takes a Luber ride back to her hotel, the driver has a discussion about the recent dating site leak & tells her all about FuckBuddies, she claims she’s never heard of the app. At the hotel she finds lock system is currently down so can’t access her room. She goes to one of their waiting rooms where she bumps into Bitzhung, an E-Sports player she knows. They reminisce about the past and games until both their phones vibrate at the same time. They check their phones & realize they both have the FuckBuddies app as they double take. Setting both their apps to body worship, she lies down on the couch as Bitzhung grabs her ass. He remarks he thinks it has gotten bigger, she wonders why guys like her butt as he shoves his face between her ass & motorboats it. He finds her ass so sexy & can’t help himself, he unzips his pants & shoves his big cock between her curvy ass cheeks. He her with his cock as she moans, her pussy trembles & gapes as he continues to slide his rod between her butt. He then teases her pussy with his cock, sliding it back & forth across her pussy as it gapes. She can barely the teasing & screams "fuck me already". Just as she says she hopes nobody her he shoves his cock in her pussy. He quickly begins thrusting into her fast & hard as she roles her eyes from the sensation. She tells him she wants it harder so he begins hammering her pussy with his cock, each thrust slams his body against her ass cheeks. She can barely take the pleasure as she speaks in Korean, he tells her to speak in English, she tells him his cock is huge as he continues to fuck the shit of her. Awhile later they are still going at it like rabbits. He lies on top of her for maximum penetration with an arm around her to hold her in place as he fucks like a jackhammer. She tells him to not to stop while her legs go backwards up in the air. He can’t take it any longer & takes one last thrust into her. He lies back on the couch as recovers exhausted from the workoutm she tells him that was amazing. He starts stroking his cock & tells her to come sit on his face & him with her pussy until he can’t breathe. While he jerks off he licks her pussy as her ass engulfs his face. She sits there moaning as he does all the hard work. Not being able to take it any longer he cums, shooting his hot white sticky stuff all over stomach. He continues to eat her out for a few seconds longer before they finish. The hotel receptionist tells them the system is all up & running again. D.Va asks Bitzhung if her butt is sexy to which he says everything about her is sexy & her ass is pure perfection & tells her to call him Hung. *After the credits* The Luber driver that took her to the hotel is jacking off to some porn (Fair Market Value) when his FuckBuddies app notifies him over a potential new buddy. To his surprise its D.Va who’s already messaged him with a shot of her sexy ass, within seconds he cums.

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