Rabbit Hole – Scene 2 – Full HD 1080p

D.Va becomes obsessed with the FuckBuddies app. On day one of the tour the FuckBuddy GO app tells her to masturbate so she lies on the couch as she masturbates. She rubs her pussy furiously as she moans with pleasure, her pussy trembling. She orgasms, and checks the app to see she’s leveled up after that masturbation session & notices if she levels up again she will unlock a new game skin. She goes straight back to touching herself, rubbing her clit with two fingers but quickly realizes she forget about the tour. One fan accidentally gives her a hentai card of herself to sign & apologizes. She can’t help but check the app, and goes off to the bathroom. She undoes her suit so her her tits & pussy are exposed & begins to masturbate sitting on the toilet. She rubs her pussy until she cums but its still not enough to unlock the next level on the app. She notices she can get more points of she gives a blowjob. She invites the fan fro earlier onto her tour bus. She shows him the FuckBuddy Go app & he agrees to help her out. She claims she’s a twizzle expert but in reality has been practicing beforehand sucking a dildo. He has one request if he’s to do this, that she wear the D.Va suit. As he lies down on the couch she kneels on the floor & begins playing with his huge cock before putting it in her mouth. She remembers the blowjob tutorial from earlier said to slow down, relax, & enjoy yourself/ She begins to slow down as she sucks his cock, really getting into it she moans with every slurp. The fan hover hands over her ass briefly hesitating before grabbing one of her curvy cheeks which takes her by surprise. He warns her he’s about cum but its too late, he cums straight into her mouth. She instantly pulls away & spits out the cum as he’s continuing to cum, shooting his load into the air. She angrily says something in Korean before he profusely apologizes, she tells him to give her warning next time. She checks the app but still hasn’t leveled up, the tip tells her to swallow cum to get bonus points. She rests her face against his flaccid cock, she giggles & begins to lick & kiss it to get it hard. Now he’s hard again she begins sucking his cock while holding it with one hand. He asks her if she can wiggle her butt & put her head to the side to which she obeys. She makes eye contact with him as she sucks him off. He tells her he’s close, she starts to jerk his shaft while continuing to blow him. His cock throbs as he begins cumming inside her mouth, this time she gladly accepts his hot white stickly stuff. Her cheeks expand as she holds it in her mouth, she then takes his cock out & opens her mouth showing all the cum for him to see. She then swallows his load & giggles. She checks the app again and much to her annoyance she has received a penalty for a recurring partner after giving him a blowjob twice so still hasn’t leveled up. She then kicks him off the tour bus.

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