No Gods, No Kings – Elizabeth – Full HD 1080p

Elizabeth finds herself in the space between spaces where she finds the Lutece twins who are surprised by her presence. They tell her she’ll need to find her way through Rapture. She has no weapons but she decides she’ll use her other assets. She tries on an outfit, finding it not quite seductive enough so rips open the front of the shirt revealing her magnificent cleavage. Not having any money she offers the shopkeeper to make it up to him in a "big" way. He hesitates but she fondles her huge tits & tells he can see more. They go to stockroom & he unbuckles his belt & removes his trousers, she strokes his cock before putting it in her mouth. She sucks him off while jerking his shaft with her hand. Now its nice & wet she puts the cock between her huge tits & starts giving him a titjob. She slides her tits up & down his cock, going faster & faster until he can barely take it. He tells she’s worked off payment for the shirt but still needs to work for the skirt. She takes off the long skirt & leans up against a rack. He comes up behind her & teases her pussy with his throbbing cock. He rubs her pussy multiple times getting her wet before he penetrates her asshole to her surprise, she groans. He anal fucks her thrusting slowly at first. She says wasn’t the dress expensive & he then begins pounding her ass like a jackhammer in reply. He doesn’t hold back as he rams her ass as she tells him to make her work for these clothes. As they fuck she sees a list of weapons he stocks on some paper & confronts him & explains he wouldn’t normally stock such vile things but is too tempted by money. She doesn’t care for weapons but she says let her keep some clothes & she’ll put in a good word with Sander Cohen about a new shopfront. Later as trims the skirt shorter she thinks how she lied about knowing Cohen as she walks.

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