Kasumi – The Slave of Hell 4 (Episodes 1-3) 1080p

Kasumi-The Slave of Hell Part 4 – Episode 1: Kasumi & Ayane
As the demon master sits in his chair, Kasumi offers him a wonderful fuck night, but he has other plans with other beauties. However both bombshells Kasumi and Ayane are going to fuck with bunch of scary monsters. They start side by side – while Ayane’s boobs are used for fucking, Kasumi is close to her while someone is fucking her from behind. So they keep fuck with those monsters close to each other and change multiple sex positions. As the lust becomes more and more obvious monsters start to fuck her assholes and together with other guys. At some point of time both girls are fucked by three guys. Then there comes a plenty of cumshots in all possible ways.
Kasumi-The Slave of Hell Part 4 – Episode 2: Paradise Hole
This is second episode of the part 4 and it’s called Brothel : Paradise Hole.In this episode monster is walking around her slaves in the room, picking his next fuck in this brothel. Samus Aran is his first pick and he fucks her from behind. One by one girls get fucked in various positions. Not sure how the monster had so much energy to get laid with all these girls. In the end wee see one-by-one cumshots with all these girls.Master was pleased by all these whores but he forgot the main slave – Kasumi. That we’ll probably see soon in the next episodes.
Kasumi-The Slave of Hell Part 4 – Episode 3: Dangerous Bitch
This episode is called Dangerous Bitch. Monsters talk that a spy was caught in their lands. The soldiers recognized her as Ivy, she’s very dangerous for them. The leader tells them to deal with her and bring her to him. While being in prison cell guard monster to please his cock through the prison bars. After a gentle massage monster gets inside the cell and fucks her in few positions, also having 69th pose holding her in his hands. Then cums on her face. After that she comes to the master and exposes her body to him. He wants to fuck her and they start with a boobjob. Soon they start to have sex and Ivy is screaming really laud. The ending of this part is with her pussy creampied from the big monster cock. Even that is not enough for the monster and she keeps stroking that big cock with her hand and her boobs. Ivy Valentine from Soulcalibur doesn’t seem really happy.

Total size: 2.6 GB in 3 files.