Intensive Care 1080p

Studio: VG Erotica
Genres: Sex, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Creampie, Cowgirl, Doggystyle, Straight, Big Tits, Big Ass, Big Dick, Blonde, Mercy/Angela Ziegler, Overwatch, Voiced, Animated, 3D, Blender

Mercy checks up on one of her patients in intensive care looking over his notes. She decides he’s fit for an extra one on one session later that night. The Patient wakes up slowly, his vision still blurry but he can hear the sound of a woman moaning & licking something. His vision sharpens and he looks straight at his crotch to see the Doctor, Mercy, wearing only her black sexy bra, thong, & stockings. She is licking the shaft of his giant cock & then begins sucking on his balls while she simultaneously rubs his big fat cock with her hand. She continues to give him a handjob before licking all the way up the length of his cock then pausing before she takes his cock in her mouth. She continues to suck on his big cock while she gently gives him a handjob at the same time. She sucks it faster & faster while moaning, starting to gurgle as she goes further down his big cock with her mouth she then pauses before deepthroating his whole cock in one well swoop right down to the base. She removes her bra & sits atop him, moving her thong to one side she quickly slides his cock in her pussy. She begins to ride his cock slowly cowgirl style at first before speeding up as she moans with pleasure all the while her big tits flop around everywhere. Soon the Patient decides its his turn, with Mercy completely naked now she bends over the bed as the Patient takes her from behind doggystyle. He thrusts fast & deep in her pussy before he grabs her neck forcefully pulling her upright as he fucks her. He pushes her hard back onto the bed her head hard against it. While he fucks her like this she can barely keep her feet on the ground, her toes just about keeping her balanced. The Patient begins fucking her faster & faster before fucking her deep with every thrust he takes inside her sweet pussy. He finally cums inside her pussy with one last deep thrust, he then removes his cock as oodles of cum pours out of her pussy onto the bed. Later while watching D.Va & Tracer grind their clothed pussies on a railing on TV he hears a knock on the window, he turns to see Mercy in her full Overwatch gear, wings and all. She waves goodbye & blows him a kiss then flies off to Answer The Call!

Total size: 1.6 GB in 2 files.