S&V Productions – Damnation – Lara Croft

Lara Croft, on another one of her adventures suddenly hears the sound of something looming overhead. She goes outside to check & sees a large spaceship in the sky, suddenly she’s surrounded by armed soldiers who kidnap her & her take her about the ship…the science vessel, Damnation. Lara, now stripped naked is taken to a room & restrained to a table. Two suction hoses come down from the ceiling & attach themselves to her tits, they increase the size of her tits twice as big in mere seconds. After its finished, three naked men appear, all with genetically modified giant dicks. The first one begins fucking Lara on the table right in the pussy as she lies sideways. She groans with every thrust as his dick fucks her so deep her stomach bulges. Lara having nowhere to go or choice, bends over the table as the second guy comes over and enters her pussy balls deep from behind, she screams in pain. He starts pulling her by the hair & restrains one of her arms behind her back as he fucks her deep and hard. Now lying with her back on the table & her legs in the air the guy fucks her missionary style. Before long Lara starts giving one of the guys a blowjob while giving another a handjob at the same time. All three men surround Lara while she gives handjobs to two of them at the same time until eventually they all cum within seconds of each other all over her face. Ellen Ripley, her body now suspended in the air is surrounded by soldiers waiting for something to happen, she then begins crying in pain as she gives birth to a Chestburster who crawls its way out of her ass. An android grabs the Chestburster, a short time later the same Android takes the Chestburster out of a secure container & inserts it into a . A crew member of the ship opens a door & gasps in shock at the sight of three naked women (two being Daenerys Targaryen & Rebecca Chambers) on all fours each being fucked in the ass by a Xenomorph, their stomach bulging with every thrust. The man in the black suit comes to check on Lara who is now restrained by cuffs from the ceiling her to stand on her toes in a cell. The man in the black suit sits and watches from behind the glass as the door behind Lara suddenly opens revealing a Xenomorph hybrid…giant dick included. The Xenomorph comes up behind Lara, slides it dick up the the side of her back then slides it down again & shoves it right up her tight asshole, she screams in pain. The Xenomorph continues to fuck her from behind, Lara groans with every thrust as her stomach starts bulging. The cuffs on her wrists suddenly release & she reaches for the glass to support herself as the Xenomorph begins fucking her faster. Lara, now on all fours on the floor, face down ass up, gets fucked by the Xenomorph until it eventually cums so much that the cum starts filling her body, first enlarging her stomach before traveling all the way through her body until she pukes cum out of her mouth. Her whole body begins shaking violently suggesting she orgasmed simultaneously with the Xenomorh as cum slowly pours out her ass, the Xenomorph roars in glory.

Format: mp4
Duration: 13:31
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 14198kbps
Audio: 187kbps

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