TSO – Tomodachiga Sukunai Offline

Release Year: 2020

Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, Girl, Big Breasts
Platform: PC / Windows
Medicine: Not required
Version: 1.53
Language games in Japanese
Language: Japanese
System Requirements: OS: Windows WinXP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, CPU: 2,0GHz, RAM: 2GB; HDD: 900MB

A revolutionary system that directly accesses your brain and sends it images, scanning your
body to recreate it perfectly in the game world.
…In other words, it’s as if you yourself enter the game, made up of the dreams of all the gamers.
The game begins a closed alpha test, but….
It turns out it was an ero-game!!
Wild monsters with erect members come after you!!
When you take damage, it causes sexual stimulation!!
When your HP reaches 0, you climax!!
If you’re completely defeated, you’ll be fucked by the monsters!!
…and yet, even if you win, you still get screwed!!
Gain magic and special skills through sex!!
A trap in the game means you can’t log out!
Can the girls, trapped in this ero-game world, find some way to escape with their lives,
if not their dignity, back to the real world!?

File size: 883.2 MB