Princess Kaguya

Release Year: 1987
Genres: Adult Animation, Hentai, Fantasy

An erotic version of the famous folk tale "The Tale of Old Man Taketori", also known as "Princess Kaguya" … One day, while walking through the bamboo thickets, an old childless bamboo gatherer named Taketori no Okina found himself next to a strange glowing bamboo stem. He cut it open and found a child the size of his finger inside. Taketori took the girl home and raised her with his wife as his daughter, giving her the name – Kaguya-hime ("princess shining at night"). The girl grew up to be a woman of normal height, but incredibly beautiful. Rumors of her beauty spread far, and five princes came to ask for Kaguya’s hand …

Format: avi
Duration: 27:28
Video: 720×480, DivX 4, 856kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 211.3 MB