Felarya – A Matter of Perspective

Release Year: 2020

Felarya has grown to epic proportions and finds herself on a remote deserted island, stranded with a small group of, well, small beach goers. She soon begins eyeing them for her next meal. After she grabs one of the of tiny, helpless people and devours them whole, the others flea for their lives.
Felarya, with her towering size and reach of a goddess, simply dives and snatches another little human. But the one she really wants, the micro-slut, gets away and hides out of site.
Frustrated, the giantess begins to suckle on her new catch. However she spots the doomed woman behind a sand dune (an ant hill in her eyes) and so she slips the future snack of a beach goer down the front of her thong for safe keeping.
The woman knows she is destined for Felarya’s stomach when she sees the gargantuan super model bounding toward her, shaking the earth while covering a football field in a couple steps.
Felarya’d gigantic hand wraps around the woman, who struggles and screams as she is slurped up by the sexiest nightmare she had ever known.
Bonus alternative ending with more bone-crushing action included.

Total size: 648.5 MB in 2 files.