Kukkoro Days

The main character’s mundane daily life is turned upside down when a certain woman appears in his life.
One day, a magic circle suddenly appears in the main character’s room, out of which materializes an injured woman holding a sword and clothed in knight’s armor.
This woman’s name is “Cattleya”.
She claims to have been reincarnated from another world.
Until she finds a way to return to her own world, she will be an unexpected guest in the main character’s home…
Will Cattleya be able to safely return to her own world? Or could her fate take another turn…
Genre: ADV, VN, Romance, Ninjia/Kunoichi, Big tits, Blowjob
Size: 745 MB
Censorship: Is absent
Developer/publisher: Qureate
Platform: PC/Windows
Type of publication: unofficial
Language games (plot): English, Japanese, Chinese
Interface language: English, Japanese, Chinese
Voice acting language: Japanese

File size: 767.9 MB