School Mate 2

Release Year: 2010

One of the 7 mysteries in the school have been the curse by the 3 Jizou . The heads of the 3 Jizou came down by Yukariko and the Hero. That is the reason that 3 Jizo have become obsessed with Yukariko and the answer to the curse that can make the three wishes come true. For that wish the protagonist did things like this and that. While cleaning, Yukariko disturbed the three friend’s shrine and they are taking revenge on her by taking control of her body and having sex with the protagonist.

The composition includes:
School Mate 2 (Game)
School Mate 2 Plus (Game addon)
Hongfire patches
School Mate 2 Digital Mate HF Patch

The game patches to English.

File size: 4.5 GB