Ciri Trainer Chapter 4 Version 0.7.5

Release Year: 2019

In this game you’ll be playing as Vesemir, Kaer Moher’s elder witcher in charge of training Ciri to becum a witcher herself! She will need to endure melee, alchemy and magic training and you’ll be the overseer of her progress: Manage Kaer Moher, assign Ciri to training and in case, punish her. However, this will not be a one-man task: Ciri was born with a natural gift for magic, so you will need proper sorceresses to help with her education and.

Changelogs v0.7.5:
– Fixed reagents in cheats menu;
– Fixed harpy harvesting in chapter 4;
– Fixed Ciri status displayed as "resting" while still away from Kaer Morhen;
– Fixed Ciri equipping wrong outfit;
– Added watermarks to Oleg Okunev’s art in Gallery;
– Rain is now more frequent, helping with Axii and alchemy training;
– Additional proofreading.

Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Trainer, Parody
Version: Chapter 4 Version 0.7.5
Censorship: No
Last updated: 6 October 2019
Language: English
OS: Windows

File size: 364.0 MB