survive – Secret room

Release Year: 2019
Video language: English

A well-received CG collection by "yodakapan" presented in Motion Comic style!! In a locked elevator, a man continues releasing manly desire into a girl…! A garbage man encounters a girl late at night looking for something she left behind in the day. They ride the elevator together. Just for this brief interlude, he enjoys the company of this pretty carefree teenager. Then… Gagonnn—!! The elevator makes a sudden noise and the emergency light comes on. They’re stopped. No buttons work. The elevator becomes a hotbox. They wait, but there’s no sign of response or resuming service. The garbage man enjoys a good look at the girl from behind. He can peer a bit down her cleavage. The heat, the situation… The tickle of forbidden arousal rises. "Ah–…" She lets out a little noise, as if catching on to his leer. There’s nobody coming. The elevator becomes a room of their secrets. A distinct artist Nemunoya’s gorgeous and erotic illustrations now move with voices!

Total size: 6.2 GB in 7 files.