Genres: для Гуфени, pov, mass effect, liara, 3d, blender, osira, egyptian, egypt, halloween, animation, catsuit, glasses, redhead, jill valentine, resident evil
Video language: English

Straight to the point. The purpose of this Patreon page is to allow people to voluntarily donate money towards the continuation of my 3d work. I’m not gonna be like the other guys who delay the release of their images and animations, and then also block high resolution versions of their work from non-Patrens. All of the work I release will be public to everybody and will not be downgraded in any way. But, if you are feeling generous, then feel free to become a patron. Any amount of money will help, really. As a result of my want to keep all of my 3d work public, and high quality for everybody, there will be no tiers and rewards for patrons. I don’t want to incentivize people to donate.

Total size: 1.3 GB in 6 files.