Acting Lessons DrPinkCake v1.0 Complete + Walkthrough

Release Year: 2019

The story centers around you, a middle-aged man with a background in cryptocurrency trading, telling the story of how you met a girl named Megan during a life changing day. Megan is a young aspiring actress down on her luck and in desperate need for help. Will, you be there for her when she needs it the most and help her turn the tide? Will you be able to win her heart?

Developer/Publisher: DrPinkCake – Patreon
Censorship: None
Version: v1.0.0 Extras
OS: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android
Language: English

1. Extract to target directory.
2. Windows: Double-click on ActingLessons.exe
Linux: Run
Mac: Run the If it won’t start, Ctrl+Click and select open. Give the app permission to execute when prompted.

File size: 3.4 GB